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All Premium Features (limited storage)

Communicate on the go (web, IOS, and Android)

Use Sniper powerful web and native mobile apps to communicate on any device, from any where, and at their own convenient time.

No need to pay for your connections

Invite all people in your revenue network to collaborate on opportunities, share insights, and help each other. Only users who need more storage will upgrade.

Connect to CRM, and other sales/marketing tools

With few clicks in Zapier, you can sync critical Intel from 1500+ business apps to Sniper. You do not need to regularly check other tools for revenue Intel.

Multi-layer privacy & sharing control

Share to all of your 1st-degree connections or create lists or groups to keep full control on who can see your content and how it can be found.

Sniper is an app that aligns revenue teams, delivers critical Intel, reduces sales emails and meetings, and essentially wins new customers & protects your business!

Premium Services

True Premium

$98 / Year

Upgrade when you need unlimited storage, OR to take Advantage of our power groups, only accessible by premium users, to explore opportunities for co-selling, reselling, referrals, …

Automation technology, powered by AI, can save 100s hours of research for your revenue teams and deliver actionable insights into Sniper.

Sales Intelligence

Starting $1000/month

Save 100s hours on competitive intelligence, market research, and customer insights.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Can I start with Free plan?

Off course! Please go ahead and download our app, invite your peers, and enjoy most of our premium features forever. The free plan has limited storage. 


Should I pay for all of my connections when I upgrade?

Absolutely not. You only upgrade your account when and if you need more storage, want to boost your sales by joining our power groups, or you want to use our AI-generated feed. For Communication plan, you just need to upgrade yourself while other users can stay on the free tier as long as it works for them (storage-wise).

Can you help us connect our internal apps with Sniper?

Yes, We can help you with best practices to connect Sniper with your CRM and other sales/marketing/support tools you have. Please contact us at or via this page to talk about it

Can you help us set up our automation for monitoring competitors?

Yes, We can help you with best practices to set up your monitoring for your competitors and accounts. Please contact us at or via this page to talk about it.

Can you tell me more about your Intelligence Tier?

Each company has unique needs. Generally, our technology tracks thousands of news and regulatory websites. Also, we can add specific companies (of your competitors and accounts/leads) to monitor and detect changes in their websites and social pages (e.g. homepage, pricing, features, blogs, …). For some clients, we also have human analysts to take care of more advanced tasks. Please contact us at

Can I upgrade multiple people at the same time?

Yes, Please contact us at or via this page.

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Please upgrade today!