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win a great deal interview a customer about your products get intel on a competitor, good or bad lose a huge deal after months of investment finish a successful campaign on Facebook released a powerful product feature have a great customer success story lost a loyal customer made a presentation that works perfectly know why some customers are leaving you

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insights that enable everyone to win more




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Add-On Services

Customer Interviews

We interview your customers that you won or lost. Reports sent to SNIPER and Leadership Team
  • 1 hour meeting with each customer
  • Report to leadership team
  • 3 Premium Posts / Interview

Facilitator - Coach

A senior sales coach joins your organization to facilitate active engagement of all revenue teams. We regularly analyze all posts/insights shared in SNIPER to report to Leadership Team.
  • 50 Users Included
  • 12 Premium Posts / Month
  • 4 Weekly Reports to Leadership

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