Make your revenue conversations 

Company-wide app exclusively for revenue communications. Its AI-generated feed, delivered in Sniper, automates 100s hours of market research, customer analysis, and competitive intelligence.

Enable company-wide revenue communication

Sniper enables everyone inside your company to participate in revenue conversations and share their unique customer insights with others on how to win more together. Sniper AI enables you to always stay one step ahead of your competitors and customers!

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Automatic Insights

Our bots save 100s of hours of critical revenue research for your teams. They will monitor 1000s of websites of your key competitors and customers, news outlets, regulators portals, & customer reviews, which contain huge amounts of intelligence on how to win customers and how to protect yourself against competitors.


Team Intelligence

Let your team tell you exactly why you win or lose customers, their winning tactics, patterns, challenges and opportunities they observed in customers and competitors. Get the highest quality insights from your people who spend most of their time with customers.

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Premium app

Sniper comes with premium robust web and mobile apps. Engage everyone across revenue teams to participate in revenue conversations and your tactical planning . Leverage the unique perspectives of your army about customers, markets, and competitors to devise the best next moves.


where revenue conversations happen on the go!

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Advanced Feed

Sniper provides highly-interactive posts enhanced by AI-generated insights, to foster high quality revenue communication inside your company. 



When needed, users can use Groups to communicate with right team members on the right topics. Groups provides advanced privacy settings, and can be public, private, or secret (invitation-only).


Activity Points

Sniper offers a powerful activity points system that can be integrated with your HR and Compensation Management solutions to reward people who contribute to revenue conversations inside your company.

Benefits for leaders

Build an army of revenue teams who always win and help each other to win more.

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Competitive Intel

Take advantage of our AI products for Sales. We can analyze millions of sources of data (save 1000s of hours of your time) to find key insights about competitors, customers and market.


Capture Knowledge

Make it fun for your teams to share their soft knowledge on their tactics, insights, and suggestions. In a few months, Sniper contains a great wealth of knowledge that already exist inside your people.


revenue teams

Fully communicate your vision, strategies, tactics across every team. Let your teams quickly sync their plans and adjust to support each other. Use Sniper to fully align your revenue-facing teams more effectively and efficiently.


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win a large deal interview a customer about your products need help on how to close a great opportunity learn great insights from your data get intel on a competitor lose a huge deal after months finish a successful campaign on Facebook release a powerful product feature have a great customer success story lose a loyal customer have a presentation that works perfectly know why some customers are leaving you

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