Sniper App Overview

Here is an overview on key features:

First time you visit, your feed is usually empty. When invited by another person, you will see her/his posts. You still need to connect to your peers.

Inviting people is easy. Please go to or

Create a post


Connections Lists allow you to quickly share insights to specific people based on their role (sales, marketing, leadership, …), being involved in a product or service, shared projects, territories & verticals, processes, and any other reasons.

How to use a list?

When you create a post, you can share it with all of your connections, 1st and 2nd-degree connections, and also you can share it to one or multiple Lists. In this image below, you see that the post was shared to Management and Marketing Lists.

How to create a list?

Follow these steps:

How to manage existing lists?

Follow these steps:

Via Zapier, you can connect to more than 1500+ business apps. 

Early Access Link

You can get access to our Zapier connector (early access) by clicking here.  OR you may copy this link:


New To Zapier?

Watch these videos to quickly become an expert on Zapier.

App Settings



Page/Group Settings

A power group is a dedicated place with its own feed to connect and share on a specific topic. Power groups connect people with sales synergy. They can potentially sell each other’s products/services and/or provide referrals. Sniper enables power groups with a precise vetting process, invitation-only mechanism, and premium-only access to maximize the value.​

Groups are only visible to our premium users and can be:

  • Public: every premium users can find it in Sniper and also via its link. Everyone can also join.
  • Private: everyone (premium users) can find it on Sniper or via link, but need to request to join.
  • Secret: no one can find it and people should be invited to join. (invite-only, all should be premium users)

Groups can be:

  • Internal: use it for groups inside your organization. 
  • External: Use this category for groups with external teams, partners, and customers.

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