App Features

100s of features, built to boost your sales


#hashtags, @mentions, Saved Posts (only web), Social Reactions, Link Preview, Video Post, Images, Color background, External sharing, In-app sharing, Internal app browser, ...


Main feed (1st-connection only), channel feed, profile feed, hashtag feed, block users from main feed, hide a post, hide all posts from a user


Feed, Discussion threads, Polls, Multiple Admins, Manage members, Full privacy, Modules access management, Widgets (web only), Social sharing (public groups), Multiple tiers of visibility (public-searchable, private-searchable requiring approval, and secret-invitation-only)


Notes, Battle Cards, Sales Collateral, Market Intelligence, Shortcuts, Product Marketing, ...

Easy Invite

Upload CSV file of your contacts, Google Contacts Sync


In-app notifications feed, Desktop notifications, Mobile notifications, Email notifications, Notifications management settings


Create and Manage Lists, Invite them to Groups, Profile Feed

Private Messaging

Private messaging (only 1st connections)

Data Privacy

Multi-tier privacy control for posts, Item Privacy, Profile privacy, Invisible profile, Export data

How it Works

Fastest way to built a powerful intuitive hub for your sales collaborations





Endless Integration Possibility

Within minutes, use our Zapier Integration (and Microsoft Power Automate – coming soon) and automatically sync insights to Sniper. You don’t need to spend hours to check several apps and websites for revenue updates. Get updates on the go, and all within one app: Sniper. 

Secure Platform

Share data securely from 1500+ apps to Sniper

Fast & Reliable

Sync insights from multiple apps to Sniper effortlessly and fast

Unlimited Insights

Sync as much insights as you want to Sniper

Save Time

No need to regularly check other apps, websites for updates.

On any device, anywhere,
& at your convenient time

An exclusive hub that is designed and built for salespeople

Get accurate updates on your competitors and accounts AUTOMATICALLY

Regularly analyze more than 200,000 of news websites, company websites, social media, regulatory portals, review websites, information databases, premium & niche publications, trade publications, industry reports, …

Advanced Machine Learning to remove data noise, duplicates, and analyze texts to detect key entities/concepts/topics

A team of data analysts control the quality of insights, identify trends, ensure competitiveness coverage, and maintain system integrity.

Deliver inside Sniper to the right users. Over time, it learns to personalize and deliver better insights first.

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