We're technology builders who fell in ❤ with the future of sales

Sniper is started as a passion project when we were working on some cool AI projects related to sales teams and enterprise collaboration. With your help, we are now on the path to disrupt the way revenue teams and executives collaborate to grow businesses.

Who are we?

We have built top-notch communication/collaboration products and implemented various advanced AI solutions over years and across many industries. We are a team of entrepreneurs, data scientists, senior programmers, Gamers, and designers. Sniper makes use of all the good we gained in our past experiences to solve a complex problem.

It all started with the idea that
sales is like a battlefield!

In this battlefield, revenue teams (sales, marketing, customer success, and product) are your army with one objective: to protect customers from competitors while they work hard to build relationships and deliver great value to as many people as possible (of course by selling your products 😃)

to win, we need fast and clear communication among the army!

Effective communication aligns teams, builds stronger relationships among your people, and enables everyone to help their peers win more!

Sniper was born to facilitate communication among revenue teams to win the war! 😉

Our design was very inspired by military methods and heavy focus on simplicity and ease of use. Try it now and help us make our vision a reality for salespeople.

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