For all internal and external business interactions, we use various channels of communication: meetings, phone calls, email. Modern software tools like CRMs and Slack have enabled us to get more done with fewer meetings, phone calls, and emails while they provide much richer and better analytics over time.

In this article, we compare Sniper with three widely-used products and explain how it enables revenue teams to be more effective by enhancing their “tactical communications.”


The above table shows that Sniper supports type of communication that is poorly supported by other existing solutions. In the following, we will share more about this:


Communication Solutions for Revenue teams

What we mean by "revenue teams"

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRMs like Salesforce or Zoho help companies manage all communications with our customers in all stages of their buying journey. CRMs offer capabilities to support communications between a company and its customers.

Operational communications

By Operational, we mean daily chats about general tasks like finding a file, or letting someone know about a meeting, and etc. Communication tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams enable teams to communicate with their colleagues on these operational daily tasks while they can avoid sending many emails and even meetings.

Tactical Communications

Sniper is the first solution, to our knowledge,  that enables tactical communications among revenue teams. First we need to answer this question:

What is tactical communication?

The term tactical communication is used in military: “Tactical communications are military communications in which information of any kind, especially orders and military intelligence, are conveyed from one command, person, or place to another upon a battlefield, particularly during the conduct of combat.” – Source: Wikipedia

We think the concept will perfectly make sense for sales organization; therefore, we redefined it for revenue teams as follows:

“Tactical communications are top-level communications in which information of any kind, especially tactics, critical requests, and revenue intelligence, are conveyed from one executive, employee, or ally to another upon a customer-related interaction, particularly during the conduct of sales.”

In fast-pacing and complex environments like sales, everyone across revenue teams needs to maintain their focus on customers. To improve their performance, however, they need support from their leaders alongside their colleagues. The nature of their work requires tools that enable to quickly and effectively share and consume information to and from others. Tactical communications maintain the focus of each individual while delivering information that can maximize their overall success. This is what Sniper is about: tactical communication between revenue teams. 


Customer Intel

Our customer Success rep visits the headquarter office of a client. She spends the lunch with the client where she uses the opportunity to understand their inventory management. As part of the conversation, she learns that the customer is willing to pay more if the company’s product provide a specific integration with their ERP. She posts this on sniper and mentions all key people to the post.

Competitor Intel

 Our product manager just noticed a new pricing from one of our main competitors. She quickly shares it on Sniper.

Win-Loss Intel

A sales rep has talked with more than 60 prospects, mostly from specific vertical, this week. He closed 14 of them. Reviewing his week, she identified three key qualifications for prospects in this vertical that helped him quickly identify those good opportunities and spent most of his time on. He post his insights on Sniper about how to qualify prospects in that vertical and also some ideas on how to perfect the pitch for them.

Experience Sharing

 There is a $120K+ opportunity and the sales rep is struggling to prepare the proposal. Any mistake may endanger the whole deal. The sales rep posts on Sniper about the situation and ask for advice from other people in the company. She also searches Sniper for previous posts that might help them close the deal.

Strategy Review

The management team is evaluating a new strategy for one of their products. Before they execute, they post it on Sniper to get everyone provide feedback on it. Executing this new strategy is time-consuming, costly, and might damage their reputation. They need as many inputs as possible from their revenue teams who know their customers well.


We identified a need and great opportunity to enable effective communication among revenue teams on tactical topics.

We do not want to provide an alternative to amazing tools like CRMs and Slack, instead to fill the gap to facilitate effective tactical communications among revenue teams. Based on our definition of revenue teams, Sniper is ont only for salespeople, also any person who is interacting and influencing our customers should be part of Sniper groups.