In many companies, it has become more challenging than before for the leadership and salespeople to track every success and failure and explain why some prospects became customers and some existing ones decided to leave to a competitor.

High performers in revenue teams, that we call snipers, have mastered the skill to accurately analyze each opportunity to take the right actions. They outperform others because they fully analyzed and learned from their past wins and losses.

Learn the why to focus on the right things

Not knowing slows down growth and may endanger the future of the company. You cannot win more opportunities or protect customers from competitors without knowing key drivers behind your successes and failures.

Communicate the why to align everyone

It is as important as knowing it to communicate the why in a way to enable revenue teams and ensure they are fully aligned. It costs companies a lot when their sales and marketing teams, for example, are not aligned and each is trying to fix different things.

Sniper can enable companies to build an army of snipers who know why their company wins and loses deals and how to win moreSniper can complement or be a great replacement to the following existing solutions:


Solution 1: Win Loss Analysis programs

Win-Loss Analysis (WLA) programs mainly include a series of interviews with select customers, that they won and lost recently. The emphasis here is that customers are the best people who can tell us why they decided to buy from us or a competitor. 

Solution 2: Win Loss reports inside a CRM

Salespeople submit a win-loss report on each opportunity and share why they won or lost before they close it inside their CRM. The reports are reviewed by a higher management. The emphasis here is that our salespeople spend notable time with customers and they are the best people to share real reasons behind wins and losses.

Sniper & Effective Win-Loss Analysis

Sniper creates a unique hub for revenue teams to collaborate and analyze why they win and lose, and brainstorm and devise next best actions that will win more of better deals. Sniper mantra is “never miss an opportunity”, which invites and inspires all users to share as many ideas, winning experiences, mistakes, and tactics as possible, and then apply greatest ideas to never miss any future opportunities.


Customer interviews, done by revenue teams, shared on Sniper

In contrast to the solution 1, Sniper enables  sharing customer interviews in a social context that can inform every member of revenue teams. Everyone has developed a unique perspective about customers and why their company wins and loses them. Some people also possess breakthrough ideas about how to win more of best customers.


Sniper creates and maintains a deep mutual understanding of customers among revenue teams

Revenue teams need to build and maintain a shared and accurate understanding of customers, and the reasons behind their wins and lossesThis aligns revenue teams and focuses their efforts on what matters. Everyone can be more effective to execute towards faster growth, and to optimize existing processes. 


Sniper promotes a culture that creates snipers

We define high-performers as snipers who never miss an opportunity and also help their peers succeed. They learn from previous experiences shared on Sniper and every day they remind themselves of the whys behind their wins and failures. They focus on what matters.

Asking the why questions in a setting like Sniper helps everyone learns about those tricks and winning tactics others use to succeed, and also those that they should avoid.