We strive to build a winning culture

People achieve better results in companies where everyone helps each other succeed in their most important jobs. New people can demonstrate their real potential faster as others coach them on how to do their important tasks effectively and efficiently. The overall result? The company grows faster, people stays longer, and everyone enjoy the supportive culture that expects effectiveness.

Peer coaching

In most customer-facing roles, the peer-coaching is critical. People learn by experience and as they spend more time with customers, they master how to do their tasks effectively and efficiently. Peer-coaching increase effectiveness, reduce inefficiencies, and boosts revenue because everyone shares their successful experiences with customers.

Ongoing professional growth

Learning is an ongoing process for each of us. We best learn when we work on real cases and have someone who coaches us when we need them. 

Coaching is essential part of building a winning team. 

Sniper enables peer coaching

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