The more our teams know about customers, the better they will do their jobs: We build better products. We market to the right audiences. We close more deals. We make existing customers happier to become our advocates and even buy more from us.

While  Customer Intelligence plays a critical role in enabling businesses today, breakthrough ideas and winning tactics are usually possessed by our own people who have unique personal experiences with customers.

Here are three steps to enable these breakthrough ideas and growth hacks find their way to proper execution.W

1- Encourage everyone to share their experiences with customers

Every employee builds a unique understanding of customers. They meet them in different stages of their journey with their company. If we allow them to talk about it, we create a deeper understanding of customers that will be now shared across all revenue people. Every person will know who to market to, how to sell, how to onboard them, what to build to really solve their problems, and how to resolve their issues.

Sniper is a place where revenue people can share their unique experiences with customers.

2- Structure the conversation

There are various methods to facilitate effective communication about complex strategic topics like customers. Without a structure, great insights and winning tactics will be buried under comments, poor ideas, and inconsistent presentation formats to share insights.

Sniper limits users to only use pre-defined categories, by the company, to share their insights. For each post, a user shares by following a structured format. However, the post creation is kept simple and has cool features to support creative minds. 

3- Make great insights as accessible as it can be

What’s the value of a good insight when no one knows about it? It happens a lot that good ideas stay between a few people and die before finding any opportunity to be tested.