We all heard that sales is a combination of art and science. The art aspect is to highlight the key role of intuition and creativity to succeed in complex sales processes.

Experienced people in revenue teams (executives, marketing, sales, customer success, …) developed powerful intuition on what works or fails, where to focus, and how to get the best results in a very complex environment (like sales).

Imagine that your experienced people across various revenue teams be able to communicate and sync their intuition and know-how to enable others to succeed more.

Sniper encourages each person to share their unique insights and experiences with the goal to enable others. It invites people to answer questions like:

  • Why do we win and lose deals?
  • Who are our ideal customers and how to find more of them?
  • What tactics will help us win more of better customers?
  • How to use our time effectively and efficiently to maximize revenue?
  • How to make our customers advocate us?

Sniper bridges and syncs revenue intelligence that exists inside each employee to create what we call collective revenue intelligenceHere are a couple of examples on the real power of collective intelligence:

How to profile and priortize customers

Sales, customer success, and support teams are the front-line of our companies who are interacting with customers in various stages. They develop deep understanding of customers, why they use our solutions, how they describe and perceive our products, and how they actually use them in their processes.

Our people use this deep understanding to profile and prioritize customers. In seconds after their first interaction, they already know with a good confidence that who this customer is (profile), how much effort they should put for them, and what the best next steps are to maximize the success

This helps our teams be more effective and efficient in their interactions with customers, and optimize in investing their time and energy.

Sniper allows everyone in revenue teams to share their deep understanding of customers in a way to enable others to succeed more. They can share how they analyze customers, what traits they look for, and then what they do to optimize their efforts while reaching the best results.

How to sell more to existing customers

It could sometimes be a customer success story that someone uses in her conversations with customers and it resonates well with them and opens the path to chat about buying more products. But that’s her trick and no place to share it.

Sharing these winning tactics and materials and how to collaborate with other revenue teams to effectively and quickly navigate through the sales process and maximize our growth within existing customers.

How to disqualify a specific competitor

It is painful to lose a customer. It is more painful to lose a customer to an inferior competitor. Why? Our point of contact didn’t know what it the best way to disqualify the competitor. Some of us know it and that’s why they protect our customers well. Imagine that those senior people start sharing and educating others about the best tactics and explanations that enable them to disqualify any of competitors.