A Good Lead List May Get You A Call. A Good Referral Will Get You A Deal.

What we offer

The only platform exclusively designed for sales collaboration in the market. We offer web and native mobile apps, all optimized to drive more deals to you.

Why we are

Our passion is sales & tech. Our platform is built by our world-class team of developers, data scientists, & product builders. We have a strong track record on helping companies boost sales and execution.

Where you are

You are selling to businesses. Your company is at 2+ million ARR. You don’t want another lead list. You have built a rich client base over years and would consider to utilize it to get new accounts and enter out-of-reach territories. 

How it starts

Join & download Sniper, your secret app that connects you to other salespeople, business development, VPs, and CXOs. You trade and collaborate with people with opportunities that are out of reach for you.


Utilize your relationships to trade with others’ client lists. Explore opportunities on referrals to exchange, accounts to co-sell, introductions to new accounts in unexplored territories, and more …

First Sales Match Maker

Sniper AI analyzes a user’s inputs to match her/him with other users. Each new connection has a high probability (match score) to be someone who can bring revenue to the user.


Join and create channels to build partnerships with others, and to collaborate on strategic opportunities for a period of time. Collaborate on any device anywhere any time.

Win Deals With Referrals 70% More Often & Faster

Business to business companies with referrals have a 70% higher conversion rate, and they report a 69% faster close time on sales. [ref]


Join and create meetings to build partnerships with others, and to share & collaborate on strategic opportunities for a period of time.

One Feed, On The Go

We’ve worked hard to offer you the best possible web and mobile experience. Now, all you need to do is ‘scroll’. 💪

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